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Video of the performance of the musical Tragedy

This video contains a brief summary of the presentation of the three short films titled: 1) MACC, 2) The other reality, 3) There is no planet B. The remaining time of the video collects in its integrity the musical Tragedy. The musical, whose booklet was developed within the tasks of IES Virxe do Mar in EduCO2cean-Erasmus+, was directed by the authors of the text, Irene Maquieira and Carlos Maquieira, with the coordination of Telma Lago and with the participation in the process of formation of Francisco Crujeiras and with Lucia Bascoy. The choreographies were designed and taught by Ursula Martinez. With the title of Tragedy, he addressed, from the classic genre of the Greek tragedy, the problem of rising sea levels and their implications for climate refugees, seen from different continents and territories. This video includes the second performance, which was held at the Coliseo Noela de Noia on Friday night, September 8, at the closing ceremony of the dissertation phase of the teaching research action seminar on the international youth campus. The premiere took place in Coliseo Noela during the morning of Wednesday, September 6, at the closing ceremony of the research seminar – action EduCO2cean – Erasmus+ on the international youth campus CLMNTK17.

The three short films produced on the international youth campus

The three short films produced on campus are available to users. Each one was prepared by a team of 13 members, with all the roles of a professional producer, assigned according to talents, skills and preferences. In all the teams there is representation of all the ages and of all the climatic dominions represented in the campus.

1) The short film produced by group 1, entitled “MAAC”, was coordinated by Antonio García Vinuesa. MAAC are a series of advertisements that attempt to convey some causes, consequences and possible solutions to climate change, in order to promote social awareness about the inaccessibility of mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

2) The short film produced by group 2, entitled “The other reality”, was coordinated by Aitor Alonso. Synopsis of this short film is that a simple e-mail serves as the central axis of this story in which the social inequality product of climate change is completely reflected. Poverty, droughts and hunger on one side of the screen while you can see shopping and wasting resources to the other. The conclusion is clear: changing this reality depends on you.

3) The short film produced by group 3, entitled “There is no planet B”, was coordinated by Julieta Dix. In the synopsis elaborated by the group they express that they dance to create a bridge between the totally paradoxical situations that happen with the climate change and the promising future that we want, based on the use of the technology as a solution.

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