Scuola Fontanarossa – Catania (Sicilia)

Fontanarossa is a comprehensive institute (from pre-school to middle school) operating in Catania. It is located in south-east suburb of the town in a urban social risk context. Our institute is composed of 7 school buildings located on a wide area. It means a very articulated social and cultural substrate and a complex resulting pedagogical activity, made more difficult by the lack of cultural and recreational spaces and limited availability of public infrastructures. All school buildings are equipped of digital blackboard and informatic rooms.

Our curriculum is based on education to legality and responsibility ethic development.
Our pedagogical action follows these basical points:

• inclusive education
• student empowerment
• students relational skills among peers and towards adults.

Fontanarossa is member of “ASpNET- UNESCO Italia” national network, because of our natural attitude to the principles of Global Citizenship Education led from UNESCO.

Our students amount is almost 900.

Fontanarossa Erasmus team:
Giorgio DE LUCA, teacher of italian Literature and History in middle school, institute webmaster and member of teachers evaluation team,
Melita CRISTALDI, teacher in primary school, coordinator of the Principal staff and coordinator of the Global Teacher Centre,
Giusy CHIARANDA’, teacher of English Language in middle school,
Agata CATANIA, teacher of English Language in middle school,