Istituto Comprensivo “G.Pascoli” – Tricase

Who we are

The Institute includes a kindergarten,  a primary school and a first grade secondary school. The school provides its service in Tricase and is attended by 870 pupils. The headmistress Mrs. Anna Maria Turco coordinates about 90 teachers and administrative collaborators. The main purpose of the educational action is to help pupils to build their own life project.

Our school is an ECDL Test Center and CRIT (Territorial Intercultural Resource Center).

Tricase lies in the “region of the greenhouses of Salento” in the Capo di Santa Maria di Leuca and includes 2 marinas: Tricase Porto and Marina Serra which extend on the Adriatic side with eight kilometres of coastline. Traditionally it is an agricultural community but over the years the production structure has diversified into the craft sector. In Tricase Porto there is a small community of fishermen whose profession is gradually disappearing.

The Institute, therefore, operates in a territory with a high unemployment rate due to the lack of industrial activities and initiatives aimed at developing tourism. A profound need for openness is particularly felt by the families of the students.

People involved in this project:

Silvia Pisano is a French teacher with previous experience in the Comenius and Grundtvig projects. She has collaborated with Monde Pluriel, UNICEF, Jangada and Viraçao, CRN of Bologna. Therefore, she has obtained skills in the management of European and International projects. In addition, she has attended the Project Management course by becoming an expert in this methodology and also has obtained a certificate in a multimedia trainer. She is going to retire on a pension next September.

Sandra D’Aversa is an English teacher and support teacher. Linguistic facilitator: French, English and Spanish.

Maria Cristina Minutello is a Mathematics and Science teacher, expert in laboratory activities about environmental education and marine biology.

Anna Rita Rotolo, Italian, History and Geography teacher, expert in T.I.C. and in ECDL. Expert in the creation and use of websites and blogs for the creation and promotion of educational activities related to school projects.

Franco Merico is a Technology teacher with good skills in the use of the most common softwares.