IES Xelmirez I – Santiago de Compostela (Red Climantica)

Bioindicadores da calidade da auga do río Sarela

S.O.S. Environment

The students of 3º ESO showed their concern and awareness as regards the damage of the galician forests, especially because of the plagued both the community of Galicia and Portugal last summer.

They pout into practice the contents of EPVA (Arts and Crafts) when making posters revealing this issue

O noso planeta, os nosos dereitos

On friday, 24th of November, the students of 1est ESO went to V FORO DE PARTICIPACIÓN INFANTIL PARLAMENTO DE GALICIA-UNICEF.

The aim of the activity is to give our young people the change to present initiatives which will improve the compliance of the convention.

Besides explaining a defense of some articles, an environmental plan was delivered to the vice president of the Parlament of Galicia to reduce climate change.

Commitments and challenges were suggested to protect and take care of our planet, too.