Young Scientists: a new pilot experience with Ángel Carracedo

Pursuing to keep developing the line of Young Scientists, in the framework of its sustainability activities of the EduCO2cean project, the IES Virxe do Mar has reached an agreement for the combination of two different scientific research lines which will be transferred to the scholar science.

The first scientific line is the one which has been developed by the Dr. Elsa Vázquez under the section of Young Scientists. The second one is developed by the Dr. Ángel Carracedo, CEO of the Galician Public Foundation of Genomic Medicine and of the National Genotyping Center. With its first pilot experience, a genetic research conducted by the Dr. Ángel Carracedo was applied to the study of the intertidal bivalves in order to link the adaptation to anthropogenic global change with the genetic biodiversity.

The analysis consisted on isolating, purifying, quantifying and sending the processed samples of DNA to a world center of conservation of the genome. The analyzed species were the common cockle (Cerastoderma edule) and three commercial clams which are also present in Testal beach. It was developed with the use of the technologies and methods of the National Center of Genotyping. The  research started the previous day in Testal with rigorous methods of Ecology with the intention of studying the status of the presence and abundance of bivalve species of Testal, as well as as its distribution. With the combination of these two research lines, a clear potential for the expansion of the study of the bivalves is evidenced.

The  genetic line of the investigation is summarized in the following video: