Caretakers of the Environment International

Caretakers of the Environment International – Who are we?

CEI, act as an association whose members are secondary school teachers, who support the development of international cooperation of students and teachers of secondary schools on issues of environmental protection. CEI Poland was established in 2005. The aim of the CEI Poland is to disseminate the knowledge within society in the field of ecology, as well as the information about author’s educational programs for sustainable development. The members of CEI Poland are teachers and students of Szramek High School in Katowice, our base school. Every year students leaded by teachers participate in different activities: planting trees, cleaning local forests and water reservoirs, meet ecological authorities, organize events disseminating knowledge about change of climate and propagate attitudes be friendly to environment, etc. Since 1996, every year a team of students prepare an ecological project, which is presented on global annual CEI conference in different parts of the world. CEI Poland is a national branch of CEI.

We cooperate with experts – the employees of the Silesian University, the University of Warsaw and the AGH University of Science and Technology. They are our members too, or are working with us on some tasks. In 2006, CEI Poland has organized a global conference CEI in Ustroń, which was attended by about 180 students, teachers, and experts from 18 countries. Members of CEI Poland were involved as promoters and implementers in several projects, with the financial support granted by European Union.