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The Climate Reality Project Europe

“The reality we now face implores us to act” – the words of Al Gore, the founder and chairman of the Climate Reality project, an organization that unites, trains and helps convince a new group of European activists and supporters to counteract the effects of the climate change. Trained volunteers form Climate Reality Leaders Corps – a global network of activists involved in raising awareness about the climate crisis and working on solutions to the greatest challenge of our time.

On April 27, 2018 we participated in the Science and Technology Park EURO-CENTRUM in Katowice, in the personal training of the Climate Speakers Network organized and directed by Zsolt Bauer from Climate Reality Europe and Ethan Spanner, International Director of Climate Reality.

We have been equipped with the latest scientific knowledge and in the field of social policy and trained in the most modern communication and organizational skills. The case study was presented by the CR leaders from the Netherlands and Austria.
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32nd global conference of CEI

The CEI Poland delegation participated in the annual 32nd Conference of Caretakers of the Environment International entitled Let’s Experience Nature.

The conference was organized by CEI Austria from 8 to 14 July, 2018 on the grounds of a military base in the mountains near Judenburg. A place unusual because of the barracks and beautiful scenery of Styria. The delegation representing CEI PL was numerous (20),  consist of students and teachers from Szramek High School in Katowice and a student from the Primary School in Kryspinów near Kraków. The article entitled EduCO2cean Project and Environmental Education has been published in conference materials. Students presented for 260 conference participants, 4 projects documenting their annual work, including as part of the EduCO2cean project:

Surface Water Pollution – Modern Day  Jack the Ripper
Let’s Experience Insects
The Arctic – Fridge of the Earth
Peace or War – Nature vs. Coal mines
Student’s projects p. 39-41
Article EduCO2cean Project and Environmental Education p. 54-55



Poster Session on COP 24

In December 2018, the city of Katowice will host tens of thousands of participants of the COP 24 climate summit. This is a very good opportunity to spread information about the challenge of climate change and the risks associated with it. CEI Poland joins in these activities by informing and encouraging people to act to mitigate the negative effects of climate change, especially change in the ocean. It was a task that we carried out in the EDUCO2CEAN project. This is also our action within Climate Speakers Network. The posters prepared by us will be presented in many places around the city, in schools and other places, including in a “climate tent”, where lectures of climate experts are presented and ecological workshops are held. The tent was placed in the center of the city – on the market.