European Project “Educo2cean” in ESAM – Year II

ESAM is one of the six national pilot schools of the European project EduCO2cean, co-funded by ERASMU+ programme, which involves several European countries and that is coordinated, on a national level, by the Portuguese Association of Environmental Education (ASPEA), which has a delegation in Viseu. The first goal is to raise awareness for the protection of the oceans.

Several activities were developed through this second year, divided by two pilot projects: ESAM 100 – CEM dias, SEM plástico (which involved about one hundred students) and H2Octógono Azul (which involved thirty students). The results of these projects will be presented by the students, on a public ceremony, on the 6th of June of the present year, organized in a partnership with the Environment Department of ESTGC of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (IPV) – following the commemorations of Environment World Day.

Some activities made:

  • Work session with ASPEA’s president, Joaquim Ramos Pintos and UA’s research Daniela Figueiredo
  • Opening ceremony of the exhibition “Sea Pollution – Heritage of mankind?” – 01.02.2018
  • Presentation of the project, which involved one hundred students from the high school – 19.02.2018
  • Lectures from teachers of IPV: Elisabete Silva, Isabel Brás and Luísa Valente, on the topics of “Bioplastic” and “Circular economy” – March and April 2018
  • Monitor campaign – Paiva River (Viseu)- Azenha bridge (downstream from the city), Barcas bridge (city), Raposo bridge (upstream from the city) – Pedro Baila Antunes (coordinator), students and teachers from Alves Martins High School and students from IPV’s master on Environmental Engineering,
  • Work sessions on the Environment Department of ESTGV-IPV directed to the students of Alves Martins High School.

Teachers from IPV: Pedro Baila Antunes (general coord.) Elisabete Silva (microbiological analyses coord.), Isabel Brás (physical-chemical analyses coord.), Pedro Silva (Preparing field material and analyses)

In the first session it was present the Director of the Environment Department, Luis Teixeira de Lemos



European Project “Educo2cean” in ESAM – Year II

European Project “Educo2cean” in ESAM – Year II