Last September, Alba Castro, Andrea Calvo and I, Alba Carrera, students in the 4º ESO [KS 4 UK equivalent], took part in the CLMNTK17 International Congress within the EDUCO2cean – ERASMUS+ strategic alliance framework, of which our school is a partner and contributor. The event was held in Aveiro (Portugal) and we were able to attend thanks to our projects being selected in a virtual congress: These projects were titled: Our Star, Our Energy; and Humans vs Oceans.

This international youth campus, Educo2cean-Erasmus + Research-Action teaching seminar, was held in its production phase in the Portuguese town of Aveiro from 2nd to 6th September and, in its dissemination phase  from 6th to 9th September in the Galician town of Noia. Students and teachers from various Spanish Autonomous Communities (Galicia, Castilla, Murcia, Andalucía, Canarias, Madrid….) took part, along with others from Portugal and Mexico.

Once we arrived in Aveiro we could enjoy the town as well as learning more about the conservation of our planet through participating in a range of organised activities: a theatrical musical about climate change, a workshop where we learned about the various marine species in danger of extinction and others involving music and art related to the protection and conservation of our planet. The activities were spread over four days; we then headed to Noia to continue our learning and we were able to teach our schoolmates who came to Noia for the last day about what we had learned and the activities we had done.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Biology and Geology Department faculty members and our schoolmates for all the support we received. Thanks very much!

Alba Carrera – 1º BACCALAUREATE