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Article published on the ”Int J Env Sci Ed” about EduCO2cean


The International Journal of Environmental and Science Education has just published an article with the scientific and didactic analysis of some of the experiences developed under the EduCO2cean project: the Young Scientist project (Cockels recruiment factors on Testal beach) and the didactic laboratory practices about Anthropogenic Global Change which have been developed during the International Youth Campus.

This article includes a methodological proposal in which students collaborate with scientists in order to establish a significative series of data to know the impacts of Climate Change on a shellfish bank which represents the main socio-economic motor in a costal population of more than 14000 habitants live. This proposal explains the theoretical background of the experience as well as the teaching strategy through laboratory practices which allows the students to act as efficient scholar scientists on this type of collaborations with research teams. Also described is the practical application of this knowledge on an investigation allowing for the beginning of a temporal series of data about the situation regarding the collection of cockles (Cerastordema edule) to understand how Climate Change can affect this valuable economic resource in Galicia – Spain. This applied scholar science is described ending with the analysis of data through our accumulation of graphs and the creation of our conclusions. Through our conclusions we have found the necessity of carrying on the kind of studies in the following years remarkable both, before and after, the recruitment campaign in order to obtain conclusions about possible adaptations of the duration of the recruitment period to Climate Change. Via our pedagogically obtained conclusions, we have found interest in this type of proposal to be valuable for the acceleration of the incorporation of these contents to the syllabus due to the urgency of the arrival of this knowledge to society.

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