IES Virxe do Mar

More than 70 students make the educational group of EduCO2cean-Eerasmus + in IES Virxe do Mar

On November 30, the educational team of EduCO2cean-Erasmus + convened a meeting for students interested in participating in the project during the present school year. To that meeting held during the classes break, more than 70 students were present and completed the capacity of Álvaro de las Casas venue. Initiatives have been presented in three areas:

  1. Oral communications of global change to citizenship based on laboratory practices. The students who attended were trained at midday on Monday to be communicators of the global change in the ocean in the following events.
  2. School Science Researchers who will show samples of all commercial bivalves of the estuary of Muros and Noia, extract their DNA, purify it, anilize their variability in relation to global change.
  3. Creation of products that raise awareness on global change and integrate science, technology, art, society and linguistic, audiovisual and multimedia communication.

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