IES Virxe do Mar

EduCO2cean-Erasmus+ dissemination phase in Noia and in the Muros regional area

IES Virxe do Mar, as a member responsible for the international campus organization in the strategic alliance for Educo2cean-Erasmus+ educational innovation, which it joined with the Climántica project, which was funded by the European Union. The campus was developed in two phases: a production phase held in Aveiro from 2 to 6 September and a phase of diffusion developed in Noia and the Muros Regional Area, acting the IES Virxe do mar as a host of the phase of diffusion , for which it had the support of the City of Noya. With this campus the model of the Climántica campus celebrated in the last years in the CENEAM has been transferred, modifying it to adapt it to the frame of the strategic alliance for the innovation EduCO2cean – Erasmus+.

In this phase of diffusion, held in the municipality of Noia and in the region of Muros, from 6 to 9 September, the ecosystems of the regions of Noia and Muros linked to the ocean were analyzed, applying the knowledge acquired in the production phase, developed at the University of Aveiro from 2 to 6 September. The international campus ended with the representation of the musical and the projection of videos produced in Aveiro to raise awareness about climate change.

The group arrived at Noia on Wednesday, September 6. That day was dedicated to settling and enjoying night performances of songs by students attending the campus, accompanied by the youth band on the campus. The morning of September 7, was devoted to analyzing the main ecosystems linked to the Muros and Noia estuary. The study began at the limit of the tide action on the river Tambre. There a reflection was made on the influence of the dam and the relevance of hydraulic energy. The colonization of the valley was also observed by colonizing species such as acacia and eucalyptus, and its implications on the ecosystem, and its effects of invasion of the forest of that place. Another aspect studied was the operation of the rodents to capture lampreys, and the biology of this species. The dominant geology and its influence on the formation of the estuary were also analyzed.

The morning ended with the official reception by the City Council of Noia that took place at 13 hours in the plenary hall. There, the Mayor, accompanied by the Councilors of Culture and Education welcomed and showed the interest of the City Council for continuity and sustainability in time to this initiative that he supported, as he did with other initiatives of this project, from its origin.

In the afternoon, the history of the entire occupation of the territory from Noia was analyzed with the support of the City Council. With this intention they sailed on the Vieta centennial boat, using the history of the ship’s own use to relate the evolution of the economy and the occupation of the estuary.

To analyze in more detail the occupation of the territory of Noia, the Rowing Club made available to the group some kayaks, with which they rowed through the salt marshes to the limit of influence of the tides. At night, urban planning was analyzed through an itinerary led by the former principal of the Virxe do Mar IES, Manolo Barreiro.

The activities of Friday 8 focused on the study of the ecosystems of the Muros regional area and the history of urbanism and occupation of the territory of the town of Muros. At 9:30 the components of the campus were received in the Plenary Hall of the City Council of Muros.

The following activity consisted of the interpretation of Louro’s lagoon formation linked to the dune system. The next point of interest was the beach of Carnota, there the group was divided into two: one part remained in a beach volleyball championship and the other performed an intertidal. Next the activities of the two groups were rotated. The route ended with the observation of the Ézaro Waterfall.

To end the day the group went to Coliseo Noela where the 3 short films were presented and the musical made in Aveiro was performed. The interpretation of the musical was rewarded by the public with a great ovation.

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