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Campus and Internacional Virtual Congress EduCO2cean-ERASMUS+

Within the framework of the strategic alliance for innovation and good educational practices EduCO2cean-Erasmus +, designing from the methodological frame of the Climántica project, in consortium with the Cincia Viva Factory and the University of Aveiro and the SEPA-Interea Research Group University of Santiago de Compostela, we call for the process to select the students participating in the international Campus as well as their accompanying teachers, who will be part of the Teaching Seminar EduCO2cean, accredited with 50 hours by the Ministry of Education Education Science and Sports (MECD).

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This campus will adapt to the coastal environment and the EduCO2cean-Erasmus + project, the model applied in recent years at the National Center of Environmental Education (CENEAM). For this reason, this edition will have its headquarters in the Factory dependent on the organization Ciencia Viva, project partner Educo2cean The campus will develop two types of products through
collaborative work as a team:

  • Short films that integrate the images that express the knowledge acquired on the campus, comparing them and increasing them with realityincreased with which students bring along from their summer stays in coastal environments, and that using robotics and virtual reality, they present a more sustainable future for coastal environments the climate change framework


  • A musical which makes us aware of climate change and global change in the ocean and which integrates theater, music, dance and the visual arts projected through holography as a stage scene. This proposal aims to evolve, in line EduCO2cean, the musical of 2016

Students will be selected taking into account the efficiency of their products regarding climate change awareness , global change of oceans and other global environmental challenges published on the platform, according to the bases published in the sections Call and Selection Criteria for campus. The url that gives access to the virtual congress is:

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